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upravl proizvodstvom

Production and safety management systems

CENTUM distributed control system

STARDOM network-based control system

ProSafe-RS automatic emergency shutdown system





  local manage

 Local management and data logging

Paperless recorders

 Chart recorders

Data collection and management systems

Local controllers and indicators

Signal converters

Data collection software

Programmable logic controllers


contr izn pribor

Control and measurement instrumentation

Pressure measurement

Electromagnetic flowmeters

Vortex flowmeters

Coriolis mass-rate flowmeters


Temperature measurement

Positioners and transducers

Wireless solutions

Auxiliary equipment

Pressure sensors for oil & gas and chemical industry

Manifolds (valve assemblies)

Fiberoptic monitoring systems for long span infrastructure sites

FluidcCom automatic consumption metering valve



Samson Valves

Valve and damper technical specifications:

Nominal sizes from 10 to 2100 mm;

Nominal pressure of up to 400 atmospheres;

Temperature range from -250°С to 550°С;

Closed valve leakage of up to 0,0001% Kvs

Technological equipment:

Pneumatic sensor


Self-recording instruments

Pressure measurement instruments

Standard electric and pneumatic signal control    stations





Testing and Measurement equipment

Testing equipment for fiber-optic communication lines

Portable service devices

High-precision laboratory instruments



Oil and Gas equipment

Capacity devices

Shell and tube heat exchanger

Column distiller



Explosion–poof equipment

Box, panels, modules

Intrinsic safety barrier

Level transmitter for alarm

Intrinsically safe electrical equipment



 Analytic Systems

Gas analyzers

Liquid analyzers