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The experience of implementation of difficult decisions

We have developed and implemented many different solutions for production automation

The Uniqueness Of The Equipment

We supply high-tech and advanced equipment for monitoring and measuring production processes

Wide range of Equipment

Control and measuring devices, shut-off and control valves, electrical equipment, etc.

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We supply high-tech and advanced equipment for monitoring and measuring production processes

About Us

Nexen OilGas Engineering is an engineering company offering services in the development and implementation of automated process control systems for the key industry branches of Kazakhstan. Adopting an approach based on maximum satisfaction of customer needs, our company ensures not only the design and implementation of project solutions at the customer’s plants, but has also been supplying equipment for oil & gas, energy, chemical and smelting sector enterprises in Kazakhstan for many years.

Nexen OilGas Engineering is the official distributor and the representative of the following companies in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Central Asia:

Yokogawa Corporation (Japan), Samson (Germany), ZAO Energolab Engineering, OOO Technomash etc.

We supply:   

  • Oil & gas equipment,
  • Control and measurement instrumentation,
  • Microchip technology from leading manufacturers,
  • Shut-off and control valves,
  • Electrotechnical equipment,
  • Pump and compressor equipment,
  • Steam and gas turbines and replacement parts,
  • Multiphase flowmeters,
  • Compressor plants,
  • Laboratory equipment,
  • Personal protective equipment,
  • Heating and thermal insulation systems,
  • Rail loading rack automation solutions.

Engineering solutions:  

  • Development and implementation of process flow automation solutions,
  • Commercial and real-time oil & gas metering systems (Lease Automatic Custody Transfer, Oil Custody Metering System),
  • Commercial metering and automation of tank farms,
  • Assembly, system debugging and configuration of operator panels and control cabinets,
  • Implementing pipeline monitoring and leak detection systems,
  • Developing automated fire alarm systems,
  • Implementing energy-saving technology,
  • Developing gas detection systems.

Construction, assemblage and commissioning: 

  • Installing power equipment of up to 220 kW capacity,
  • Adjustment and testing of high-voltage equipment by a certified electric lab,
  • Installation and adjustment of frequency converters and soft starters,
  • Installing field automated process control, alarm warning and civil defense systems
  • Installing cable runs and communication cabling, 
  • Installing heating and thermal insulation systems,
  • Commissioning of automated process control, alarm warning and civil defense systems,
  • Developing and assembling automated process control cabinets,
  • Development, installation and debugging of low, middle and high-level automated process control software applications based on microchips from various manufacturers,
  • Turn-key site commissioning,
  • Service and post-warranty system maintenance.

Registered in: Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Mainly active in: Kazakhstan.

We strive for long-term cooperation and ensure the high quality and timely delivery of the services we provide.